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Fireproof Doors

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About Us

The firefighting company "ALFA" GIANNAKIDIS P.C., is based in its privately owned facilities at the 3° km Lagada - Pente Vryson since 2005. It is established in the field of retreads of all kinds of fire extinguishers, having all the required certificates that ensure the valid and correct operation of the company. It has a certificate of compliance of the management system ELOT EN ISO: 2015 which ensures its activities in the field of fire extinguishers, the trade of fire safety and fire protection items, the periodic inspection, maintenance and retreading of fire extinguishers. It also has an accreditation certificate for a cylinder re-inspection center regulation regarding the periodic re-inspection activities of stainless-steel fire extinguisher cylinders. The company undertakes in collaboration with trusted and reputable mechanical engineers the issuance of operating licenses for stores, companies, hotels, industrial buildings as well as health companies. Provides high quality products and services in the fields of fire detection and fire safety, is active in the field of installation of fire extinguishing systems, sale and installation of firefighting systems, construction of a permanent water supply network, supply and installation of fire doors.

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